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Checkpoint Feedback | Reply
Checkpoint Winners
- No login screen needed.
- Create dataset screen is nice, however searching morbidities by code could be hard for some users.
- A visual display of the configuration would be a nice addition

- Clean interface.
- Missing something to allow user to see previously generated datasets/save config/load config.
- Searching by ICD codes could be hard for some users.

- Nice interface.
- War Era selection could get messy when new eras are added.
- Maybe making this a dropdown would help?
- The information fields on one page seems logical.
- Overall flow is intuitive

- Nice and simple UI.
- Not sure how pop size/patients work. We would generate only patients with this app.
- Diagnosis codes are nice, but would be great to allow a search.
- Would also expect some codes to populate based on War Era selection.

- Nice UI. Everything on the homepage yet not crowded and fun to use.
- No login needed.
- Morbidity configuration is nice, however, code selection isn't very intuitive.
- Most users would like to see the name with the code.
- Not sure how exclusions would get configured.

Non-Checkpoint Winners
- No login page needed.
- Home-list and grid are intuitive.
- App will be runtime only.
- Tabbed war eras will get hard to manage over time.
- Dataset creation seems to allow War Era selection as well, so not sure how that works with the home screen.

- Population suggestion seems redundant.
- Since it's just a number, most people will know what to enter.
- Seems like population config and data scope could be one page to reduce clicks.

- Seems to miss the mark.
- Homepage, don't see the benefit of showing recent datasets here.
- Looks like you can only select one morbidity.
- Not sure what the dataset view would show.
- Recent datasets and search would be blank for most users as this app is only used at runtime, then closed.

- Time period, region, and patient age selections seem confusing.
- The War Era should define the date scope. We don't need a region selection.
- The diagnosis codes seems to miss the mark.
- We are supposed to configure them per dataset, this seems to attach them to each war era.
- Just confusing overall.

- War Era selection boxes could get confusing if more eras are added overtime.
- Only seems to support one morbidity code.
- We need to be able to select multiple codes, exclusions, etc.

- Selection of population size, then entering population seems redundant.
- Morbidity configuration is nice and complete.
- Would expect the percentages to be configurable by the user, however.

- No login screen needed.
- User activities screen probably wouldn't work given this is a runtime only application.
- Population config should use War Eras instead of age range.
- Not sure what Lat and Long are used for.
- Seems only one morbidity is allowed.
- Would expect to be able to select multiple.
- Not sure what the Episodes of Care profiles are representing.

- Just lists previous datasets.
- No screen on configuration, generations, etc.
- Very incomplete.

- No login needed.
- Like the breadcrumbing of configuration.
- The summary view is a nice touch as well.

- Nice UI.
- Exclusion selection seems a bit clunky.
- Import/Load from saved screens are basically the same thing? Not sure of their purpose.
- Gender is/is not pull down is strange. Why not just a male or female box to click?

- UI missed the mark.
- No way to set population size or parameters.
- Morbidity config is missing parameters to allow changing percentages.
- Searching by codes alone could be confusing for some users.

- Seems incomplete.
- War Era would determine patient age.
- Morbidity configuration seems incomplete.
- Each morbidity would need its own configuration.
- Seems like all are lumped together.
Re: Checkpoint Feedback (response to post by chekspir) | Reply

I don’t see any negative comments for my submission. Is it possible to get some additional comments to improve it further?

Re: Checkpoint Feedback (response to post by chekspir) | Reply
Hi, I have some questions about the feedback on my submission

1 - It says in the feedback "Searching by ICD codes could be hard for some users" but in the submission its not a search for an ICD code its more of an autocomplete where the users enters the code and the system narrows down the choices, or is it better to just leave the user to enter the code without autocomplete? we need to know more about the user, does he know the ICD codes or does he just enter the morbidity and the ICD codes are populated based on the morbidity.

2 - For the "previously generated datasets" does it get wiped everytime the user opens the system since its stated in another feedback that the system is runtime only, or is it saved everytime the user opens the system? what about the "save config/load config" options?

Re: Checkpoint Feedback (response to post by SapphireOcean) | Reply
Hi dhivsekar1509

Here's some more feedback for your submission:
1. Patient configuration doesn't need the pop density config. Not really needed for this app.
2. No login screen needed (or social media logins)
3. Exclusions for diagnostic codes could be cumbersome using checkboxes. Same with related codes.
4. Not sure what the "Accordion" page is. Not really needed as this app is used by developers.
5. Generation page has dupe of "Data Scope Config". I think you meant to have the Morbidity config?
Re: Checkpoint Feedback (response to post by omer77) | Reply
Hi omer77,

Answers are below:

1. The user may or may not know the ICD codes. So when we search, it would be nice to let the users search either by code or morbidity description.

2. The app is a single run time only. Therefore, it would be difficult to determine if there are any previous generated data.

Does that help?
Re: Checkpoint Feedback (response to post by dweaver) | Reply
Thanks dweaver this helps, but does this mean also that there is no load or save configs?
Re: Checkpoint Feedback (response to post by omer77) | Reply
Configs will actually be file based, so we would want to give the user the option to save or load from these files.
Re: Checkpoint Feedback (response to post by dweaver) | Reply
In the checkpoint review for 246974, it is mentioned "Missing something to allow user to see previously generated datasets/...". But other comments and your reply clarify that the previous datasets need not be displayed. Please confirm.
Re: Checkpoint Feedback (response to post by rainforest) | Reply
I guess the generated datasets can be shown for the running session but deleted every time the application is closed. Am I right dweaver?
Re: Checkpoint Feedback (response to post by rainforest) | Reply
omer77 is correct. For that single run instance, you can show generated datasets. But on first load, there would be no easy to way to what was previously generated.

Sorry for the confusion!
Re: Checkpoint Feedback (response to post by omer77) | Reply
Thank you omer77!
Re: Checkpoint Feedback (response to post by dweaver) | Reply
dweaver, Could you also please respond to -
Re: Checkpoint Feedback (response to post by rainforest) | Reply
I've responded to those now. Let me know if you have more questions!