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Differences in APLS metric | Reply

I am having trouble reproducing the APLS metric reported by the testing server on sample data. Specifically, I converted an output graph for Sample Vegas 1454 from pixel coordinates to longitude/latitude coordinates in geojson format, and placed the output graph in sample_data/sample_geojson/test0_prop.geojson and the ground truth graph from AOI_2_Vegas_Roads_Sample/geojson/spacenetroads/spacenetroads_AOI_2_Vegas_img1454.geojson in sample_data/sample_geojson/test0_gt.geojson. But I get this from

C_gt_onto_prop, C_prop_onto_gt: 0.560342761102 0.575001651265
Total APLS Metric = Mean( 0.56 + 0.58 ) = 0.57
APLS Metric = 0.567577572758

But the website reports this result:

Image id:AOI_2_Vegas_img1454
G1->G2: 0.45312575737285765
G2->G1: 0.3884143548897544
Score: 0.41828201928653147

Any idea what the discrepancy could be? I checked the default parameters in main function, but only linestring_delta is mentioned in the problem statement, and it is already correctly set to 50.

Note that the that I am using is the latest commit c74da04022c26ae13dc11895c68429c3a5993c0a from

Here is my CSV file submitted to website:
And here is the same graph converted to geojson:
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