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22 Hours to go..! (Checkpoint Deadline) | Reply
Hi Everyone,

I just want to reminds that we will reach checkpoint deadline for this challenge in about 22 Hours from now. If you still working on your solution and got a plan to participate in this round, please be aware of the timeline and submit at least one hour before the deadline comes to avoid the unnecessary problem (server down, network loss, etc).

If by any chance you're having an issue when upload your submission to the system and deadline is near, please send your submission to us via email to,, and cc Please include the following items in your email :

- Challenge name and link
- Your Topcoder username/handle
- Declaration notes for font and stock photo
- Screenshot of your error condition
- Full file deliverables (preview.png, and

We are very excited to see your initial design. Thank you and good luck everyone!!

Best regards,

Re: 22 Hours to go..! (Checkpoint Deadline) (response to post by fajar.mln) | Reply

Just a friendly reminder that we will reach the checkpoint deadline in about 5 Hours from now. It's time to speed up and start wrap your submission and send it to us ASAP. We are very very excited to see your design guys, thank you and good luck!!

Best regards,