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Re: Welcome! (response to post by ioyik) | Reply
Timeline is correct now.

72HR are granted!
Re: Welcome! (response to post by ioyik) | Reply
I will check this and fix it if is wrong. RUX are 72HR.

Thanks for notice it.
Re: Welcome! (response to post by chekspir) | Reply
Hi chekspir,
It's said RUX 72 Hours, but actually its only 65 hours from challenge started?
Can you confirm about this? Correct me if I wrong.

Welcome! | Reply

Welcome to "RUX - 72HR Xsight Portal Redesign Challenge". I'm chekspir and I will be your copilot on this challenge.

We have a very interesting problem to explore on this challenge. Please read the requirements carefully and let me know if you have questions.

Good luck!