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Clarification regarding label 2 | Reply
Hi Tim

As per the statement from problem statement:
'The following image from the visualizer displays the ground truth labeling of a small portion of a single Z-slice. In this image, the bright green marks correspond to label 2, which means the crack is ambiguous. All other colors in this image correspond to unique crack labels.'

Why junctions/crossing of cracks are labelled with 2?
If I assume that X junction is ambiguous what about other kind of junctions, like T junction. From Heuristics examples T junction (and related) should not have label 2.

Please clarify.

Re: Clarification regarding label 2 (response to post by tcghanareddy) | Reply
Hi tcghanareddy,

Not every voxel can be assigned to only a single crack. For example, consider the upper-left most bright green spot in the image from the contest statement. This location is at the intersection of the dark green and blue cracks. At the intersection, either label would be correct, so the "correct" label is ambiguous (ground truth label 2).

Please note that all voxels with ground truth label of 2 are not scored, so your labeling of these voxels is not important. Also, for your assigned labeling, 2 does not represent ambiguity. Instead, it can be used the same as any other number for labeling of a crack.
Re: Clarification regarding label 2 (response to post by jonathanps) | Reply
Does this mean that the branches of crossed cracks representing same color belong to same label?
This means, while labelling, a crack of single label can have discontinuity !?
Re: Clarification regarding label 2 (response to post by tcghanareddy) | Reply
The visualizer only uses a limited number of colors, so it may display multiple different labels with the same color. If you are running the visualizer, the label number as well as the color of the voxel under the mouse cursor will be displayed at the bottom of the window. For example, there are two dark green cracks in the image but they have different labels.

In the previous example of ambiguity, your labeling of one of the cracks would most likely be discontinuous. This is not an issue.