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Re: Welcome! (response to post by dweaver) | Reply
Re: Welcome! (response to post by dweaver) | Reply
yes, understood

Re: Welcome! (response to post by f0rc0d3r) | Reply
My thinking was that for the wireframes, I wouldn't expect you to know what codes pertain to which war era. But we do need to start the flow with the selection of a war era.

Does that make sense? The "later requirement" will be related to knowing which codes to pre-populate, etc.
Re: Welcome! (response to post by dweaver) | Reply
Hi, I have a question:

What do you mean when you say:
A later requirement of the app will be that by selecting a war era, the list of diagnosis codes will be pre-populated based on known codes

You say "a later requirement will be.." as if this was a think to do in the future (maybe another contest) or as an option but this is written as a requirement in contest details meaning that it's expected to select a war era at first. Is this correct? So, can we consider the flow as it is written like this begins by selecting a war era? This is a critical point that conditions next flow and should be well understood...

Thanks in advance
Re: Welcome! (response to post by nPixel) | Reply
nPixel, here's the basic scenario of how this application will be used:

The user is a developer for an EHR (Electronic Health Records) system. As part of setting up a development or test environment, the developer needs realistic data. Since dev/test environments tend to be less secure, the developer is unable to use data from a production system. As such, our system will need to produce realistic, but fake data to allow the developer to import into their various environments.

As for the morbidity/diagnosis configurations, we expect that the developer will be using ICD-10 codes:

A later requirement of the app will be that by selecting a war era, the list of diagnosis codes will be pre-populated based on known codes for that war era. For example, a veteran of a war in which gas was used, will probably suffer from lung and nervous system related issues. There are codes in the ICD-10 standard that deal with these and the system will pre-load the appropriate codes. The developer, however, may wish to add/delete codes to better configure the data for their specific purpose.

For the wireframes, we do not expect you to know the ICD-10 codes or their relationships to different war eras. We just want an area built to allow the configuration of these codes. For now, you can just use some commonly known names and best guess at related issues.

Hope this helps!
Re: Welcome! (response to post by chekspir) | Reply
Is it possible for you to add a scenario? Who is the user / user group - some info about their profiles. Some examples of morbidity configuration/ diagnosis.

"We need to see intuitive and easy to use "wireframe concepts" that will let us design and build the final web user interfaces on the next stage of this project."

If this is in series to an earlier challlenge, then a link to the earlier challenge may also help. Thanks.
Welcome! | Reply

Welcome to "VA PseudoVet - Wireframe Componentes Challenge". I'm chekspir and I will be your copilot on this challenge.

We have a very interesting problem to explore on this challenge. Please read the requirements carefully and let me know if you have questions.

Good luck!
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