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Final scoring | Reply
Will be run on a separated set of images for each city (Las Vegas, Paris, Shanghai, Khartoum) or images will be mixed and also new cities will be involved ?
Re: Final scoring (response to post by paolog) | Reply
No new cities.
See the final testing guide, it shows how files will be organized for testing, and how your scripts are invoked. I'm only trying to guess what you mean by mixing: images will not be mixed, images from different cities will be in different folders, and you will always know which city a given image is from.
Re: Final scoring (response to post by walrus71) | Reply
Sorry but reading your response after a while I need to double check. When you say "No new cities" you mean same cities used for testing/training ?
Re: Final scoring (response to post by paolog) | Reply
Same four cities (Paris, etc) used for training, testing and final validation, but of course different tiles.