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Differences in ground truth | Reply
I think there's a different criteria in highway road ground truth.

Check the two way road on AOI_2_Vegas_img408 vs AOI_4_Shanghai_img1700.

In Vegas image, there's a single line string and in Shanghai image there are two parallel line strings. Both seem highway with lane separation.
Re: Differences in ground truth (response to post by chok68) | Reply

Thank you for taking the time to look at the data. I am part of the team that put together the dataset for the competition.

The labels were created using a uniform labeling guidelines. The guidelines can be found at

I've pulled out the definition used for a divided highway below.

Definition of a divided highway:

A divided highway is a road that has a median or barrier that physically prevents turns across traffic.
A median can be:
- Concrete
- Asphalt
- Green Space
- Dirt/unpaved road
A median is not:
- Yellow hatched lines on pavement.

In this case, while the example in Shanghai is clearly a divided highway, the example in Las Vegas is not a divided highway.

Thank you
Re: Differences in ground truth (response to post by dlindenbaum) | Reply
Thank you!