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DIV 1 250 LongMansionDiv1 | Reply
I read the solution at: My confusion is where the solution literally says "Move right gy-sy times". gy and sy are y (ordinate, vertical) positions of the coordinates. Why would you "move right" (x, abscissa, horizontal) as many times as the the difference of the *vertical* start and ending point?

The reason this statement bothers me so much, is that the whole solution depends on it. And the problem statement seems to assume the same thing.
Re: DIV 1 250 LongMansionDiv1 (response to post by lgandras) | Reply
Hi, I'm square1001, which wrote the editorial of SRM 719 Div1 Easy - LongMansionDiv1.

I think "row (which is short)" means horizontal line and "column (which is long)" means vertical line, so (row index, column index) = (x, y).
So if you move right then you don't change the value of row and only move along row.

Did you understand?
Re: DIV 1 250 LongMansionDiv1 (response to post by square1001) | Reply
Hi square1001, I'm sorry for the late reply. I just enabled email notifications. You're right. I misread the problem statement. You say:

"Initially LYC is standing on the cell on the sXth row, and the sYth column."

Which basically defines sX as the index of the row (vertical), not as the "x" dimension of the grid (horizontal).

Thank you!