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Submission format | Reply
Apologies for a rookie question, but this is my first topcoder competition. I have generated output .txt files using the provided baseline code and my trained model. The file format adheres to the specifications within the problem statement. However, the submitted file always evaluates to score 0.0. I have manually checked some of the predictions in the output file to verify that there are correct classifications, which there are. Maybe I am doing the submission wrong?

Here is what I have tried:

1. I submitted a string containing a link to a .java file. The .java file contains the code snippet in the problem statement. The code was modified to reference the Google Drive link to my .txt file (using the 'id' format specified). I then uploaded the JAVA file to Google Drive and used the link to the JAVA file for the submission.

2. I submitted a string containing the link to the .txt file. The file contained my prediction output.

3. I submitted the content of the prediction output .txt file

None of these submissions resulted in an error, but all resulted in a score of 0. Am I doing something wrong?
Re: Submission format (response to post by pslinge1) | Reply
You have to submit source code, for example the Java snippet that you found in the problem statement, but of course the link should point to your hosted prediction file. I suggest you try to make an example submission first (using the "Test Examples" button on the submission uploader interface), it gives more detailed output if something goes wrong.
Re: Submission format (response to post by walrus71) | Reply
I neglected to select the 'Java' radio button. Like I said, rookie question...

Thanks for your advice!