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Question about pan-sharpening and multi-band TIFs. | Reply
Hi, Im new to satellite imaging.

Can somebody share how the _rgb and _msrgb have more resolution/pixels that the individual 8-band _ms tifs.

$ identify 0001826_0_ms.tif
0001826_0_ms.tif TIFF 241x208 241x208+0+0 16-bit Grayscale Gray 802KB 0.000u 0:00.000
$ identify 0001826_0_rgb.tif
0001826_0_rgb.tif TIFF 964x829 964x829+0+0 8-bit sRGB 2.401MB 0.000u 0:00.019

The multi-band one _ms has 241x208 x 8 (~401k pixels) channels while the rgb one has 964x829 x 3 channels (~2.4m pixels).

If the _ms are the original / unprocessed readings from satellite sensors, isn't there a lot of redundancy in the pan-sharpened _rgb images?
Re: Question about pan-sharpening and multi-band TIFs. (response to post by antor) | Reply
For RGB, resolution enchantment would be done using another band called P (pan sharpened, gray band). The resolution of P and RGB will be same (after enhancement). Frequency/wavelength of P covers that of RGB bands from MS but not other bands. So, I guess, that's why other bands are not enhanced using P.