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Object Classes | Reply
Is there a listing of the # of classes and class types present in this challenge?

Re: Object Classes (response to post by Supersak80) | Reply
airport, airport_hangar, airport_terminal, amusement_park, aquaculture, archaeological_site, barn, border_checkpoint, burial_site, car_dealership, construction_site, crop_field, dam, debris_or_rubble, educational_institution, electric_substation, factory_or_powerplant, fire_station, flooded_road, fountain, gas_station, golf_course, ground_transportation_station, helipad, hospital, impoverished_settlement, interchange, lake_or_pond, lighthouse, military_facility, multi-unit_residential, nuclear_powerplant, office_building, oil_or_gas_facility, park, parking_lot_or_garage, place_of_worship, police_station, port, prison, race_track, railway_bridge, recreational_facility, road_bridge, runway, shipyard, shopping_mall, single-unit_residential, smokestack, solar_farm, space_facility, stadium, storage_tank, surface_mine, swimming_pool, toll_booth, tower, tunnel_opening, waste_disposal, water_treatment_facility, wind_farm, zoo

Plus the special 'false_detection' class
Re: Object Classes (response to post by Supersak80) | Reply
Thank you!