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Rule about Using Code Library in SRM Algorithm Competition | Reply
I didn't know SRM Algorithm Competition rule at all, so I read some part of rule.

There are rule that about pre-written code (Rule 20):

20. Using Pre-Written Code
Many TopCoder participants find it useful to create code libraries for situations that commonly arise in TopCoder competitions. Doing such is perfectly legal - as long as the code used has been entirely authored by you. Use of any code other than that which has been authored by you is cheating (and you know how we feel about cheating). Starting from TCO'13, the same rules apply to onsite rounds of TopCoder tournaments (before TCO'13, competitors were not allowed to bring anything "on stage" - including code libraries).

Pasting large libraries of code into each submission with the intent of only using a small percentage (if any) is against the Excessive / Extra Code Rule.

But when I read the sentence like "You cannot write code libraries that first written by someone", I thought that it's strange and some (not few) people uses code that saw at somewhere.

I heard that many coder did "I didn't know how flow algorithm works, but I know this problem can solve by flow algorithm and know that the explanation of the algorithm and example code is in the book"-like things.
I live in Japan and most of topcoder competitive programmer in Japan has "Programming contest challenge book" - which is written by [[iwi]], wata and kita_masa. This book has "explanation and source code in C++" about many typical algorithm that uses in algorithmic competition.
I remember, when I participated Japanese Olympiad in Informatics (JOI) 2015-2016 Round 1, I found that problem 5 can solve using Dijkstra algorithm. I was newbie and I didn't know how Dijkstra algorithm works in O(E log V) and saw this book and copied part of the code of Dijkstra algorithm from this book - That's why I passed JOI 2015-2016 Round 1.
Also, I think other programming contest site such as Atcoder or Codeforces, allows using code library that already published on books or the Internet, so I think just Topcoder don't allow this.

I think this rule is not bad - if the rule is read by everyone who participates in Algorithm Competition.
But I didn't know that can send question to admins during matches, and I even think some people doesn't know how challenge phase works and how score is calculated. So I think only some Algorithm Contestants knows Using Pre-written Code Rule (Rule 20).
That's why: I think finding Algorithm Competition Rule is pretty hard in current Topcoder website, and the rule is pretty written complex and I even think completely understanding these rules takes more than 2 hours.

So we should think changing Rule 20, or make knowing rules much easier.
Thank you for reading. If you have a question or opinion about this, please reply.
Re: Rule about Using Code Library in SRM Algorithm Competition (response to post by square1001) | Reply
This should be an ask for making all the rules easier to find (I agree that this is an issue, I wouldn't know where to find them these days), not an ask to discard a rule based on it being hard to find. The rest of the rules, including unused code and cheating, are just as hard to find as this one, but that doesn't mean they should be discarded :-)
Re: Rule about Using Code Library in SRM Algorithm Competition (response to post by Nickolas) | Reply
I also have one question about this rule. There are cases that first written is not one but completely written by one. For example, Mr.X have a book (written by others) and there is written a code of an algorithm. He copied this, but completely typed by Mr.X. Is it against the rule?