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[Bug] Topcoder Arena Time Discrepancy for Events | Reply
Hi, I just wanted to report a bug. I'm not sure if I should keep making threads in this subforum that such reasons, but...

If you go to Topcoder Arena (link here: ), when you hover over an orange date on the calendar that has an event on it, the time that's specified as the Registration and Coding times are wrong. They seem to be four hours off, or in the wrong timezone, or idk.

Here's a picture:

As you can see, the actual match (SRM 719) had Registration at 5 and Coding at 9, but hovering over the calendar for the date tells you that Registration is at 1 and Coding is at 5. It actually kind of threw me off...the real time was 5 and 9, meaning the hovering times were wrong.

Soooooooo. If you could fix that, that would be nice.