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Send Less Emails Option? | Reply
Hi, so I'm a little dissatisfied with the amount of emails I'm being sent, so I'm providing a feedback on what it's like for me.

Currently, when I register for a challenge, I guess it signs me up to receive all the emails about the phase changes.

Registration End -> Submission End -> Review Start -> Review End -> Appeals Start -> Appeals End -> Appeals Response Start -> Appeals Response End

So for any single challenge, I expect 8 emails, minimum. (Not including the "You signed up for the challenge" email.)

This is what my inbox looks like:'s full of Topcoder phase change emails.

The thing is, I never even submitted a solution to any of those challenges, so it doesn't even make sense that I'd care about about anything after "Submission End".

Here are my suggestions:

1. If a user didn't make a submission to a challenge, only send them the "submission end" email. They don't need reviews, appeals, or appeal response emails.

2. Why does the user even need to get an email for "registration ending"? The only way they get the email in the first place is if they registered, so it's redundant information: they registered in time. I suggest not sending an email for that phase at all.

3. Maybe some of the emails can be grouped? "Appeals End" and "Appeals Response Start" are basically the same thing.

Maybe there are options to configure these settings somewhere, but as a "default/didn't touch anything" user, it's definitely an inconvenience that could be worked on.

Re: Send Less Emails Option? (response to post by OB3LISK) | Reply

You can disable phase changes notifications for each challenge in Online Review.

Once you register to the challenge, go to the challenge page in Online Review and uncheck the "Receive Timeline Change Notifications" checkbox.

Hope this helps