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Update on Sponsored Matches | Reply
Hey folks,

One of the aspects we admire most about the Topcoder community is the ability for our members to make an impact, not only in the real world -- but with how we run Topcoder as a platform and a community.

We understand how many of you felt regarding the recent change in TCO eligible sponsored marathon matches. So we are going to roll a few things back -- and make a few a changes:

TCO Trip
We are adding an additional trip to the TCO Finals for whoever has the highest total sponsored points through September 1, 2017. The winner will be a TCO attendee only - and will not be eligible to participate in the on-site marathon match contests. You can still only win one trip to the Finals and more information and details about this new trip winning opportunity will be published next week on the TCO17 website.

TCO Points
We are still offering TCO points for the sponsored matches. But they will NOT count towards the regular fun matches or the onsite competition at the TCO. TCO points for sponsored matches will have its own leaderboard. Essentially every single marathon match from now until September 1, 2017 will have TCO points associated with it; but only the three fun matches per the TCO17 Marathon Competition will be included for the TCO17 Finals and 12 trips to compete.

We are still looking to define this, and will provide more info soon.

So what does this mean?
1. We will add a special leaderboard for sponsored matches
2. Participants in sponsored matches will earn points based on their final score.
3. The top scorer on the special leaderboard as of September 1, 2017 will win a trip to the TCO17 Finals (separate from the fun match winners.)
4. Sponsored matches will have points - but the points aren't valid for the MM finals, only for winning a trip

Thanks again to everyone for their feedback.

-The crew at Topcoder
Re: Update on Sponsored Matches (response to post by pizza_and_dog) | Reply
Just to follow up, here is the info on the new trip winning opportunity:
Re: Update on Sponsored Matches (response to post by pizza_and_dog) | Reply
As far as I understand lightning rounds will count towards TCO points. Can we know the calendar of those rounds (at least roughly) and their length (again, roughly)?
Re: Update on Sponsored Matches (response to post by marek.cygan) | Reply


The only Marathon Matches that will count for TCO (sponsored match or lightning matches) will have "TCO17" in the title. The Cassini rerun is going to be simply a for fun challenge - not related to TCO other than giving out some cool NASA swag at the Austin event and winners of the match.

My apologies for the miscommunication.

Right now there are NO lightning matches on the agenda. Right now the ONLY matches eligible for points for the 12 trips to the finals are the 3 TCO matches on the TCO schedule.

Thanks all and we will keep you posted of any lightning rounds as soon as we have them. There are none in the pipeline as of now however.
Re: Update on Sponsored Matches (response to post by jmpld40) | Reply
Just to clarify: these lighting rounds do not count for scoring the 12 members which get to compete in the onsite marathon final, right? According to rsial2's post above, they do not, since they are sponsored matches.
Re: Update on Sponsored Matches (response to post by jmpld40) | Reply
I have so many questions...
1) Lightning rounds were supposed to be short (1-3 days?) fun matches that were tied to TCO regionals.
2) Current "lightning" match is the same as this, which is a match from 3 years ago. It even has the same prize structure copied over. I'm actually not sure if there are any differences at all.

I just cannot imagine what was the chain of events that led into this.