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What kind of challenges ? Simulations ? What are the models? | Reply
Hi All,

I'm a beginner in Cognitive computing. It is a simulation of human thoughts and a self-learning system which can use NLP, DM, pattern recognition for mimic the brain work.

How exactly these kind of computations work on online editors and compilers?
What kind of challenges and resources we can get for learning?
What are the existing cognitive systems we have?
Can we create our on model here ?

Thanks and regard,
Re: What kind of challenges ? Simulations ? What are the models? (response to post by alwayssai) | Reply
Hi alwayssai!

Great questions! Our Cognitive Community initiative is sponsored by IBM Watson, and they have a great library of resources on a lot of topics. Check out their developerworks site on Cognitive here:

We're still ramping up the Fun Challenge series. Right now, an ideation challenge on how you would use Coginitive is running here:

Our fun challenges run for 2 weeks, which should give you plenty of time between other challenges you may be working on.

We're also going to ramp up some Cognitive challenges to build out example applications. Those are in the works now and will be coming soon. Some will be for the Cognitive leaderboard points, some for TCO points, and some for actual prize money.

Make sure you sign up at to get the newsletter as well. IBM is going to be helping us with content on that site as well, such as videos, how tos, and real world usage.