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Jump into TCO 17 | Reply
I signed up for TopCoder in October 2016. My first participation in TopCoder competition was on 21st February and it was success.

I would like to take advantage of this newbie tournament in Jump into TCO 17 but unfortunately the rules states that

Topcoder members who have not earned money on a Design or Development challenge and signed up for Topcoder between January 1, 2016 and February 28, 2017.

I won prize just one week before the launch of this program. I am not a veteran to compete with the geeks in Development leader board. I hope I would be able to compete with the veterans in near future.

I would like to have the advantages of newbie so that I could hope for a trip to TCO. Is there any possible relaxations in rules which could help me enter into TCO ? Positive response could motivate newbie like me and other newbies to involve more in Topcoder community.
Re: Jump into TCO 17 (response to post by Sharathkumar92) | Reply
Hi Sharathkumar92,

I'm sorry but we have to keep the tournament rules as is for now. What a stroke of bad luck. I still think you have a chance to win a trip so don't stop competing and best of luck!