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TCO Sponsor Blizzard has answers to your questions | Reply
Last month, Blizzard Entertainment sponsored a SRM. You asked them some questions and here are their responses:

Why is Blizzard interested in Topcoder members?
You are a talented group of people! Blizzard is searching for talented developers across all levels and through partnering with Topcoder, we hope to raise awareness for engineering careers at Blizzard.

So what kind of jobs would be suitable for Topcoder's over at Blizzard?
We have engineering jobs spanning multiple disciplines in C++, Java, C#, .NET, UX and UI. Some of the specific roles include software engineering, development, test engineering, system engineering and architecture.

What is the profile they are looking for?
We are always looking for smart, passionate, curious and driven people! More specifically, we are looking for engineers with experience in varied technologies of all levels to work in full-stack environments supporting our enterprise gameplay platform, While individuals with a passion for gaming, or at the very least, possess an understanding of the industry is a huge plus, it is by no means a requirement.

How many college interns join Blizzard each year?
While our intern requests vary year over year, we have anywhere between 50-80 interns per year in Irvine and Austin in various disciplines across the company.

Are there research internships for PhD students?
Yes, there are approximately 1-3 research internship opportunities per year available each summer in various disciplines across the company but not necessarily tech specific. The application deadline for research internships closed on 11/30/16.

Do they sponsor H1B visas?
Yes, we will consider sponsoring H1B Visas but it is dependent on the role and job level.

Where are the various techs used? .NET? java? C++? In game clients? Game servers?
We have a HUGE variety of technology with teams mostly utilizing C++, Java, and C#. We are technologically agnostic company which is cool. Lots of opportunity to learn new stuff and hone in on the stuff you want to master.

How many competitive programmers are at Blizzard? What do they work on?
A LOT! They work on everything-games themselves, the platform the games sit on, the internal applications, tools that run our global monitoring - ”there's endless opportunities!

What is the learning culture like at Blizzard? How easy is it to learn new things you are interested in?
Learn and Grow is one of Blizzard's core values. We value employees wanting to continually level up their skills and experience. There is a strong focus on it and our teams heavily invest in and encourage their employees to ensure they are staying up to date on the latest tech. In addition, we pay for our employees to attend tech conferences and summits to level up. We offer a multitude of training options as well as an excellent employee educational reimbursement program for both degrees and certifications. No matter if it is during business hours, or it is a side passion of yours, Blizzard will do all it can to help and empower you to grow as a professional. Learning and growing here is fun, fast paced, innovative, collaborative and animal friendly! It is easy and all around you, if you have the motivation and drive to push yourself!

What kind of roles exist at Blizzard, other than physics programmer, for those who love computational geometry and algorithms?
All of the java developer roles need to be good with algorithms. We definitely encourage you to take a look at our careers site and you should be able to find something you are interested in at

How can I get an interview at Blizzard? I've been trying to get an interview and I've never been able to.
Getting a job at Blizzard can be a difficult undertaking. Make sure you have a compelling resume that speaks to your relevant skills and passion. If you are interested in careers at Blizzard, please do review our job postings and apply directly at Yes, send to Maegan! She has a computer vision engineer role open in Corp Apps.
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