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In what way is Ruby on Rails NOT multithreaded? | Reply
Disclaimer: I'm a c# ASP.NET developer learning "RoR". Sorry if this question doesn't "get" RoR, any corrections greatly appreciated!
What is multithreading

My understanding of "multithread" ability in web apps is twofold:

Every time a web/app server receives a request it can assign a thread to the new request, thus multiple requests can run concurrently.
The app runtime + language allows for multiple threads to be used WITHIN a single request (in ASP.NET via "Async" methods and keywords for example).

In this way, IIS7 + ASP.NET can do points 1 AND 2.
I'm confused about RoR

I've read these two articles and they have left me confused:

Clearing up some things about LinkedIn mobile’s move from rubyonrails to node.js
How to deploy a multi-threaded Rails app

question one.

I think I understand that RoR doesn't lend itself very well to point number 2 above, that is, having multiple threads within the same request, have I got that right?
question two.

Just to be crystal clear, RoR app/web servers can also do point number 1 above right (that is, multiple requests can run concurrently)? is that not always the case with RoR?