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ambiguous variable | Reply

I actually try to implement the algorithm to my problem but although it is very well explained/depicted I'm not that much into that algorithm (relatively the programming example). I would like to dive into it by applying it but when I copy the code and compile it I receive the error, that "prev" is ambigous (in several lines).
Before I change it to my purposes I would like to run it in its origin so I can understand how it works in details but I already stuck at the beginning :(
Can someone help me, please ?

Thank you very much in advance!
Re: ambiguous variable (response to post by SkullCrossbone) | Reply
was busy with some other projects but just returned to the still open problem. Meanwhile I figured out that what my compiler complains is obviously less a previously declared variable but refers to a template "prev". I didn't know that this exists so I cracked my brain with a lot of ideas what might be wrong..
Can you please tell me if prev[N] is here only a variable name or shall it indeed represent a template (I'm using g++ and c++) ?
Re: ambiguous variable (response to post by SkullCrossbone) | Reply
You are struggling from the new C++11 feature.
There is a function called prev in
header, which might be included by other headers you are using. So, either rename all occurrences of prev to something else, or do no
using namespace std;
Re: ambiguous variable (response to post by gorbunov) | Reply
Hi, yes, thank you! I already corrected it but to be sure is good!

I'm changing the code to c++ completely and also that the amount of workers/jobs will not be given before runtime. The latter cost me some nerves, too but I also succeeded that now :) When I'm finish (in a few weeks..) I'll post the code for public, maybe someone is interested (sooner or later :).

Anyhow: At the moment I stuck at initializing the labels in
" lx[x] = max(lx[x], cost[x][y]); "

In the tutorial they say lx shall be max(w(x,y)) and ly e.g. be zero respectively:

"Vertex labeling

This is simply a function (for each vertex we assign some number called a label). Let's call this labeling feasible if it satisfies the following condition: . In other words, the sum of the labels of the vertices on both sides of a given edge are greater than or equal to the weight of that edge"

What is meant by "for each vertex we assign some number called a label" ? In my case I conern the distance of two positions, so will this be a label ? But how can each vertex get a label ? Shouldn't it be "a label between two vertices" ? Like the distance between each a position to each other position ?
Sorry for my stupid questions, I'm learning the algorithm (in detail) parallel to the programming what makes it a bit difficult than usual.

Thank you very much in advance!

P.S.: Or is labeling somewhat like:

Assume several devices and a label would be like "parameter of device1 = 18 V" and "parameter of device2 = 7V" ? So getting two labels "18V" and "7V" ?