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"Foreign persons performing services* outside of the U.S. are not subject to income tax withholding."
(1) Does that mean i have to pay tax (30% of my TopCoder earnings) to U.S. myself? OR I have zero tax liability on my TopCoder earnings.

"If you are a foreign person, non-resident alien or foreign national who is not performing services*, TopCoder will withhold taxes on the payment."
(2) Can i assume that all my earnings are "services performed outside U.S."?

- I am from India and I've never been to any other countries in my lifetime. I have performed all the service while residing in India.
- I do not have any payment type mentioned in "Taxes Withheld for Members Completing Form W-8BEN" section.
- All my payment types are either "Contest Checkpoint Payment" OR "Contest Payment".
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