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CAB Design Meeting report | Reply
CAB Design only meeting report
The following is a meeting report which was conducted between staff members and CAB team on the 25th of March. I am getting this report from our CAB design team. Please share your thoughts.

1) Topcoder Connect
The great news is that Topcoder Connect is live now with some great features that will brings Topcoder customers and community members together to produce amazing results. One important change to Connect is that the "enhanced collaboration design" format was removed.

2) Studio Policy updates
Some updates to our current studio policy are being prepared. The entire content is being edited, so things like final fixes, checkpoint reviews will be improved.

We will inform all the details to the community as soon they will be finished.

3) New Uploader System
As many of you may know already, the new Uploader system is live now. We inform and discussed about the performance of this new tool. We know that still are some issues, but the good new is that there are people working on that already. So it should be working fine in the following days. Remember that if you find some issues, please send it to support team ( and Adam ( That will help us to fix the issues soon and have a better tool.

4) Teamwork under one Handle
Every design submission must be done by one person under one handle. To keep this way, screeners will be more carefully from now, checking every detail from the designs, source files and times from registration until submit. We need your help to report any suspicious behavior. That will make our community stronger and more transparent.

5) Unregister Feature
We explained that we'd like to have this feature on the challenge's page or a link to Online Review somewhere visible and Adam said he will bring that to Production Developers to let them know designers would like this.

6) New Site - Challenges Page Listing
Right now is difficult to see active challenges because now all challenges are listed - even those in review phase or final fixes.

We were informed that the development team is working right now on a new challenge listing page which will show only open challenges as active and many other features like sorting, filtering, etc.

We hope to have this new release by the end of April.

7) Confusing Time Left for a Challenge
This will be resolved with new challenge listing page which is slated to launch in late April.

8) Reliability Bonus
We proposed to have a reliability bonus as a replacement for Digital Run, but the response was that this is not a priority at the moment and more investigations of incentives needs to be done to see what works and what doesn't. Right now, having more clients who will do programs like Blitz same time is an alternative to Digital Run.

9) News and Information's
New ways to inform the community will be implemented soon. We want to be sure that every member receive and get all the news about important topics in our community.

If you are not receiving the weekly newsletter every Friday, please let us know, as it have important information that every member should read.

10) On the UI Prototype Track
Callmekatootie brought the issue of why are we not using latest technologies on prototype track like sass, bower, etc.

Adam said that our clients take these decisions. However, he wants copilots and all of us to help clients get excited about and if the community shows interest, they might create documentations for it.