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Re: CAB all hands report (response to post by besabestin) | Reply
The CAB team had few questions and suggestions to admins based on time confinement
- suggestion on proper client availability on F2F competitions and fair feedback provision from clients to various submissions on design competitions.

- Even though DR/SC is not coming again, are incentive programs coming back?
Answer Summary: DR in its form is not coming back again but admins are considering ways to monitor member participation behaviors and what better ways to incentivize are. In a confident manner in this year there will be more updates to come. More plan is to have incentives that are based on projects and clients (like what has been in IOS track and Blitz programs). Idea is to direct more clients into such programs.

suggestion from algorithm representative to extend instant messaging that is currently available on topcoder arena to be expanded on increasing the social feature of topcoder.
- There seems to be a lot of concern on topcoder to connect the community and broad vision on bringing this.
- finding more social media ways to engaging topcoder members as an extension to forum.

suggestion on bringing more Marathon competitors to compete on Marathon competitions and increasing TCO algorithm competitors
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CAB all hands report besabestin Apr 7, 2016 at 1:49 AM EDT
Re: CAB all hands report besabestin Apr 7, 2016 at 1:50 AM EDT