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CAB all hands report | Reply
Note from CAB
Here and on the other threads you can read the report on the meetings we had with topcoder staff. At different times we are having meetings that span all areas of topcoder and each track of topcoder separately (development, design, algorithms). We apologize for the delay in reporting this, all of us were eager on the implementation of various issues.

The CAB team wants to notify to members that topcoder is also taking care of many improvements for the client facing side as well. we expect members to have balanced view due to this. The improvement to the client side of the platform has the potential to bring more projects to the topcoder community.

Don't hesitate to share your ideas.

CAB all hands meeting

We had an all-hands meeting on the 25th of Febraury. In this session most staff members and CAB members were around. The following have attended.

- jwlms
- Miriam
- Nick
- jmpld40, TCO & Community
- vbailey, support
- fnisen, product development
- parth_shah, product development
- vic-tor, Product Development
- Tonyj, Product Development
- WillG, Community Programs
- Appsilver, Community Program
- adroc, Design Track
- mess, Development Track
- jpoarch
- besabestin
- callmekatootie
- checkspir
- DaraK
- scott_wu

There have been a lot of introduction going among all of us.

Maryam and mess presented at first about plans to enhance Copilot and reviewer processes. There are plans to have standard document on the processes on copilot and reviewer processes, to have mechanisms for reviewer feedback
- Certification for reviewers and copilots is coming in the coming months
- technology specific scorecards like the IOS community are to come in the next months.
- plans to align copilot and reviewer processes that are directed to outcomes by proper incentives.
- There have been formal re-appeal processes that are presented in CAB meetings (in dev meeting) that is coming shortly.
- platform specialist team will take care and there will be standard procedures to evaluate contests that go into post mortem.
- platform specialist team will also be responsible scope and quality guidelines on contests.

jmpld40 discussed about TCO plans
- jmpld40 is working with TCO team. TCO navigation included on the main navigation.
- jmpld40 discussed about great plans about regional events.
- and more work is in progress for getting more sponsors and promotion to get more members to participate.

jwlms discussed about code of conduct about forums
- this is already effective.

Nick discussed about Topcoder Team Live and about making it a monthly trend.
- this has already been effective once with the product team.

Appsilver discussed about a new program called Crowd for Good
- This is a new program that could already be noticed (idea generation contest on Sierra club and marathon match have already run on this)
- There was a discussion on how the community could help to do great things for communities, non profit organizations, great causes.

Will then reported about swift community
- more than 12,000 members are part of the swift community.
- by then nearly $155,000 in challenge prize money and more awards have been awarded
- There is more plan to grow the swift community

fnisen talked nice features on platform enhancements
- There will be coming road map where members could influence directly what fixes should be done in priority, plan to make members working together with the product team.
- There are major upcoming releases on the community
- as members can notice there already is a new design submission structure that avoids past problems of large file upload problems and other problems with design submission.
- They presented nice platform features to us on member search, listings of challenges and SRMs, for challenge search and nav update.
- The updates to the website will be done by the community and there are coming/progressing challenges.
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