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Non Checkpoint Winner Feedback | Reply
- Overall it would be useful if you label your images
- Indox: You start off showing a swipe action - what does this screen look like before any action is taken?
- Inbox: Swipe action colors do not seem consistent in hue (green is very bright compared to everything else)
- Inbox: Top area - you have a lot of different actions going on. The mobile view will need to be simple
- complexity of the sliders? Will this work on all mobile
- New message could stand out even more.
- probably do not need advanced text editing on mobile.
- looks good.

- small click targets.
- Has the filtering / people at top!
- Busy/Complex.
- Seems like a smaller version of the desktop - not solving for the mobile space
- See overall feedback.

- Too complicated
- Important features are not called out well.
- feels incomplete.
- Applies color (check on if this usage makes sense)
- Sizing is small - focus on mobile appropriate sizes

- Refine your design further.
- See overall feedback.

- something different. Like the color options.
- Nav bar is very cluttered. So many options.
- Need quick links.
- Appears to be using the IBM Design Language (great use of grid)
- Looks simple to use but 508 issues with just "icons" - we would need the labels
- Just showing bars of icons is confusing (I would need to know what they all mean)
---- Group refine links and attachments icons. Group refresh and thread together. Move search somewhere that it can stand out better.
---- Search feels misplaced. Needs to be separated from the filters.
---- All the actions have the same weight/size - so fix the hierarchy (how things are grouped)
- Looks good. Like the effort to change color schemes.

- Like how search functions.
- Well thought through.
- 508 issues where we need labels (see what our approach/clear answer on this)
- Compose (do we need the drop down items on mobile?) This does a good job of calling attention to the key actions.
- See overall feedback.

- Incomplete. Need the required screens.
- Like the huge compose button but it is a bit overkill.
- See overall feedback.

- Have the proper checklist items too large.
- Layout needs work. Placing of icons / items.
- Color usage isn't consistent
- Visualizing how messages are grouped (looks good)
- See overall feedback.

- Good.
- Threading looks worked out.
- Sliders? Not sure we can do it.
- Filters seems awkward/a lot of steps (missing refinements)
- Quick access links.
- Compose is nice.
- See overall feedback.

- Has the necessary things. Size is an issue.
- Remove "Castle"
-Press and hold for compose options is not going to work. Dropdown list could work.
- Cc / Bcc lists are weird; two lines.
- Folders list is interesting. Might not work if a user has a ton of folders. Can this go in sidebar menu? Or dropdown below? (two columns might not work) (need a way to add a new folder).
- Seem to be missing search.
- Icons / options on message threads are overwhelming. Where to simplify?
- Compose: Timing bottom left work/nice approach
- Sent email - colors? Take over of the screen seems awkward not in line with the design

- Visually, colors are too far from verse app.
-Missing many key elements.
-Too much like a iphone app.

- Too much space for filtering features / important people. Pull those in.
- Need icons on your menu. It all blends together. Pull from Existing app.
- Threading looks ok.
- See overall feedback.

- Too incomplete.
- Good start though.
- Like the quick access links.
- See overall feedback.

- Like the search dropdown.
- recent people are too hidden.
- Compose is too hidden.
- See overall feedback.

- Good start.
- Good layout. Needs some refinements.
- Top of layout is too cluttered. Simplify. Find a better spot for user quick links.
- See overall feedback.

- Good start.
- Needs further refinements.
- Color scheme is hard to follow. Too white and blue. Introduce more greys and other colors to offer simple divisions of space.
- See overall feedback.

- Like the labels on the main screen. Inbox / needs action / waiting for. Simplifies things quick filtering.
- The tabbed approach works well.
- Cant have fullscreen takeovers for the filters EG: refine list. Need to stay on same screen.
- Too many icons and functions in one spot. I dont know where to click or look.
- See overall feedback.

- Hiding lots of functions behind the stacked dots
- Difficult to understand the flow.
- Too reliant upon unlabled icons.
- See overall feedback.

- Too many functions hidden behind the ... Need to be able to delete a message more easily.
- Need easier way to switch between inbox and other filtered message lists. Not a fan of the dropdown.
- Too many things happening on top nav bar.
Re: Non Checkpoint Winner Feedback (response to post by lunarkid) | Reply
Hi lunarkid,
Can you provide more details for my submission (ID : 222326)
Can I still improve current branding for final round or need to change all?
Thank you!
Re: Non Checkpoint Winner Feedback (response to post by khanhlinh) | Reply
Hi, Some of the submissions has a comment about not sure about slider. Should we remove it or try to enhance it? Thank you!
Re: Non Checkpoint Winner Feedback (response to post by khanhlinh) | Reply
For this moment, please address General Feedback requirements.
Re: Thread "Non Checkpoint Winner Feedback" in category "Design Forums" has been updated by johan_92 (response to post by johan_92) | Reply
Think about better/simple solution as slider replacement
Re: Thread (response to post by lunarkid) | Reply
Hi, What slider? did you mean date navigator?

Re: Thread (response to post by ioyik) | Reply
It's specific slider function from other submitter