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Checkpoint Winner Posted! | Reply
Because there's problem when selecting checkpoint winner on system and speed up to get the final submission. We're posting all feedback via challenge forum.

Here's our Checkpoint Winner:

- Find a way to keep the user profile quick links on one screen. Do not like them running off the screen.
- Do the frequent users expand and contract?
- Design Question: Profiles (where is the best placement for this on mobile)
- Good layout.
- Well designed. Has everything (simple/clean)
- Filtering: doing a good job keeping filtering options together.
- New Message footer area (nice capture/features here)
- On mobile the compose button/search box is an odd split (is there a better/simple solution here)

- A lot to review/flow captured - thank you
- Doing a good job of focusing on keeping it simple
- Quick access items are nice. Should add labels / could simplify further. Might work better as tabs.
- Search is good.
- Search - I like how the filters/refinements are integrated here!
- Attachments/Links (show messages) not sure this needs to be checkboxes (should be as easy as the other search options)
- Where is the refine date sorting?
- Compose button. Worried about floating on mobile app (Speed/JS required) - does it make sense to be in the bottom right? This is a key action
- Scroller - just use the device scroller
- Search (does it need to be an icon or just part of the messaging area)
- Clean up the icons on the message screen. (we currently have three send buttons)
- Remove the link / image information tabs from image upload.
- How do options and due time options get launched?
- Remove the refine from left menu; do it from search.

- Threading good.
- Questions the sliders..
- What does the circle mean in a message?
- Like the approach to search. Like seeing people in that list as well as messages.
- Compose button needs to be much larger
- Folders icon on menu bar but all folders are in the hamburger nav? Remove folder icon.
- Search and filtering options should be combined.

- Like the recently contacted list!
- Like the need action / waiting for list on hambuger menu.
- Sliders, not sure.
- Use helvetica (missing in some areas - be consistent)
- Smart to link the sort by with the links / attachments icons.
- Design note (need to review the flow more)

- Like the colorful visual for the category of message.
- Like the threaded visual. Easy to see when theres more messages.
- Like the dropdown for other message lists.
- It gets very busy but the threading/categories starts to show where things live/organized

Please address the General Feedback and Looking forward your final submissions.
Thank you