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Re: Thread "Question" in category "Design Forums" has been updated by Ariefk (response to post by Ariefk) | Reply
No restrictions to use existing icons, feel free to improve/suggest them.
Re: Forum (response to post by lunarkid) | Reply
I think icons must same with desktop version, coz this is responsive....
Re: Forum (response to post by ioyik) | Reply
Yes, Helvetica Neue is the primary font.
But, you can use the fallback font which is Helvetica or Arial.
Re: Forum (response to post by lunarkid) | Reply
There are use commercial font "Helvetica Neue", It's should to use that fonts? Or any alternative fonts we can use like Arial or Roboto based on link above?

Re: Forum "IBM Email Client Mobile Design Challenge" has been updated by ioyik (response to post by ioyik) | Reply
1. Yes, you can use the icons.
2. Follow typography from this link:
Question | Reply
1. Is allowed to use this icons?
Or use the same icon with desktop version? Or we must create new icon?
2. What's font use? where link to download the fonts?

Thank You