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Welcome to the IBM Castle - Email Client Mobile Responsive Design Challenge.

This the first challenge as part of the IBM Castle Blitz Challenge Series. Competitors who win challenges in this series will compete in a leaderboard and earn points towards additional cash prizes. (We are still setting up the Challenge Series site and leaderboard).

The goal of this challenge is to design the mobile responsive screens for a robust and competitive email client that IBM is currently developing. We will be providing the current Desktop design and need you to focus on creating a great “mobile-first” design experience! We are moving very fast and will hold follow-up challenges that are focused on the Tablet and Desktop view of the application. This challenge is focused on the mobile responsive version (so you need to be aware and plan for tablet/desktop)

Note: These design challenges will be FAST and we will be providing FAST feedback! We will stay on schedule as there is no room to move our delivery dates!