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Topcoder: Evolution of a Brand | Reply
There's no better time than the start of a new year to look back at where we've come from and ahead to where we're going... Take a look at the evolution of the Topcoder brand in Blake Walle's blog post and share your thoughts here.
Re: Topcoder: Evolution of a Brand (response to post by jwlms) | Reply
Like good wines, with time gets better. But no brackets ???? :/
Re: Topcoder: Evolution of a Brand (response to post by mahestro) | Reply
Oh no! They got rid of the square brackets. Now, we riot!

On a serious note though, it's a shame that it look likes any other generic brand right now, with nothing that makes it stand out.

Sure, it definitely looks neat, but I'm a bit tired of the "generic-ness" of brands that most technology companies are going for these days. Case in point, Microsoft, Lenovo, Google and a few others.