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Re: Expectations from CAB Members (response to post by besabestin) | Reply
- Most probably their should be some criteria like the "review board qualification criteria" to work on projects like "TC Arena development".
IMO it's very important.

- May be introduction something like "payment multipliers" or "points multipliers" can be more beneficial. The multiplier keeps increasing if a "Coder" wins (Can be 1st or 2nd or top5 ...) in a series of contest. Loosing the contest or not participating in will reset the multiplier.
Re: Expectations from CAB Members (response to post by nick.castillo) | Reply
As a veteran, I occasionally visit the forums, though I stopped active TopCoder participation several months ago. I generally keep silent and just see what's going on, however I feel I have to say something after reading your response here.

You have been saying you take all CAB input very seriously, repeatedly, by many different [topcoder] admins, but the truth is, we as members have never seen... From the website revamp, TCO track rearrangement, dev track finals cancellation, to DR program cancellation. Do you seriously think there is effective communication between admin and members? It's not even communication IMHO! At first, I proactively tried to communicate, hoping admins would listen and act - at least give reasonable answers/updates - however what I saw was always "we're in progress doing ABC", "we're considering DEF", "you're more than welcome to suggest XYZ". Then I'm totally frustrated and disappointed, then I left.
Re: Expectations from CAB Members (response to post by albertwang) | Reply
Hi Albert,

I run the CAB program and I hear your frustration. I hope I can help bring some clarity here, as I think it's really important to set expectations for 2016 (as callmekatootie's original post is focusing on).

2015 was the first year Topcoder staff worked with a community advisory board, and we learned quite a lot. I am grateful to the 2015 CAB group for helping us shape this program and being the first members to work with us in this capacity. It took us a few meetings to get the format worked out, staff aligned, etc. Also, there was a lot of change happening within the staff groups which slowed us a bit.

CAB is the liaison between the Topcoder team and the community -- and they are very passionate about what the community needs. They are tasked with discovering those needs and presenting them to us. Our job is to listen to those needs. We also share new ideas and upcoming features/process changes with CAB and get their reactions.

As you can imagine, last year's CAB members were very vocal about several topics, including DR and TCO changes. In fact, CAB gave us some very valuable feedback with regards to TCO and we reworked some things so we could keep Period 4 after discussing it with them.

They also brought us feedback and great details about several topics, including the dissatisfaction around the review process and the website. They also brought us the following issues -- all of which were implemented, improved or fixed:

- Bring back 24-hour reminders for SRMs
- Bring back "fun" MM
- Bring back Member of the Month
- Faster updates to SRM calendar
- Clarity into the support process, with more responsiveness in the forums
- More responsiveness and faster resolution of payment issues
- More communication upfront about changes
- Better onboarding for new members

The reality here is that it takes time to align member needs/expectations with the goals of our business and the needs of our customers (who supply our members with projects to work on). The feedback and valuable information the 2015 CAB team brought us is still heard today and documented for our teams.

Albert, I know you have not been as active lately, so you may not have seen the large number of posts from several Topcoder team members who are committed to more communication with the members. That is our goal and we're working very hard to continue this. But the 2015 CAB team has done an excellent job and I believe the 2016 CAB is a great group of members who will continue to bring us vital feedback and ideas.
Re: Expectations from CAB Members (response to post by jwlms) | Reply
What's the difference between a CAB member and normal member?
New CAB were chosen 2 months ago and I don't see any changes in the review process and coding standards.

There are topics like this
created by a CAB member and they are completely ignored by TC admins.
This also is completely ignored. I asked a similar question in the past.
Re: Expectations from CAB Members (response to post by Sky_) | Reply
It's my bad.

I have not followed proactively with topcoder about the things that we can share with the community and things that we can't.

Re: Review process and coding standards, I think I can at least say that topcoder is indeed working behind the scenes on getting that resolved asap - we have seen first hand the type of changes that topcoder is working on.

I'll try getting a better detail this week.
Re: Expectations from CAB Members (response to post by callmekatootie) | Reply
>> I think I can at least say that topcoder is indeed working behind the scenes on getting that resolved asap

They said same thing 1 year ago...
Re: Expectations from CAB Members (response to post by callmekatootie) | Reply
Any response?

Is it hard to write a short confirmation that standards under link are obsolate or invalid for Code track?

As title says 'Component Development Member Guidelines', it was required for Component Development track, not for Code.
This is really flustrating that some reviewers require it and we must argue every contest...
Re: Expectations from CAB Members (response to post by Sky_) | Reply
My guess is that nobody including myself knew about that documentation until one member pointed it out (can't remember which one).

I'll look into it and get a response this week.

As for my earlier week's response to the community, I have dropped a mail to Mess yesterday and will share the response once I get one.

Also - this thread is for expectations from CAB members, I am not sure why this is being posted here.
Re: Expectations from CAB Members (response to post by callmekatootie) | Reply

You ask about it in above topic.

I mention about this issue here because all topics are ignored by admins
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