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CAB Session #13 | Reply
Our most recent and last CAB meeting of the season happened on Wednesday, October 28th. This was our last CAB meeting with Appirio/Topcoder staff members as part of the end of the program. Nominations will be available soon for beginning a new season of the CAB! Meaning that there will be an open process to nominate and vote for the next CAB members.

This meeting was mainly focused on showing the balances and visions of the future for each track or particular issues we started handling as part of the CAB.

CAB staff jwlms, nick.castillo, mess and mnorouzi joined CAB members Ghostar, mahestro, Egor, iamtong, nickolas and talesforce. Invited staff members from different areas were in the meeting to hear opinions directly from CAB members. We had:
- Jessie: TCO Events
- Adam Morehead: Design
- Jennifer Odess: Data Science
- Valerie: Support
- Anuj: Product
- Fillip: Product
- Mike C: Dev, Platform
- Tony: R&D

  • Summaries of CAB activity during our first year of CAB, accomplishments and progress reports.

  • Plans for each tracks in the near future.


Staff Updates
CAB performance overview
Jess gladly gathered information about the CAB program accomplishments, which was exposed in the meeting, showing the most remarkable highlights of this program for one year, such as the onboarding members program, bringing back member of the month, fun challenges program, software reviewers optimization, website cohesiveness importance, and much other things that completed a great experience. We also had early access to changes and features before they went live, such as the TCO15 changes, Digital Run removal, new website pages, and so on.

2. What's next for Design
Design looking forward. Adam let us know about a very interesting classification of challenges coming soon, which are defined by scope and duration (medium, large, etc), depending on the amount of screens required, estimated time, effort. Working as a reference to set better parameters and expectations to clients according to what they pay for. Also, the implementation of rapid UX challenges, similar to the concept performed in the live graphic design finals in Indonesia.

3. What's next for Development
Development looking forward. Review board improvements is the key vision for Mike, who is planning to filter down reviewers with very specific parameters, such as who can actually be part of the review board, what will be the new/refreshed requirements, how to perform once a reviewer is approved, etc.

4. What's next for Data Science
Data Science looking forward. For a start, it's official now the new track, competitive programming. Jen threw several hints of what's coming next for these tracks. As usual, try to run more SRM and Marathon matches. Integrate more data science challenges in the Idea Generation track and first to finish. Guest blogging is going to be potentiated, as well as partnering up with universities for getting education articles industry related, topic writing where data science concepts are involved.

5. What's next for the platform overall
Platform looking forward overall. One of the evident items is the website, there is still a lot of work remaining to do, to fully complete the transition of the new site, this will be part of the everyday tasks of the platform improvements plan. There will be a new copilot platform, more stable and faster, it will allow to run challenges much easier.