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Re: Upcoming Releases (response to post by f0rc0d3r) | Reply
Thanks for keeping the conversation going, f0rc0d3r. fnisen and Victor.George are starting to talk about how to present the UX for challenges, so keep the feedback and ideas coming in...
Re: Upcoming Releases (response to post by TonyJ) | Reply
Yes, thanks f0rc0d3r. Echoing what TonyJ said in his blog post, this update was simply a reskin, but we're working on a functional update for the Challenge Listings page right now, and we'll take your feedback (here and at TCO) into account--along with what we've been hearing from other members.
Re: Upcoming Releases (response to post by TonyJ) | Reply
Filter in list page does not look good on mobile but other area is responsive. Cant filter by any filter.
May be each drop down could be single at row in mobile.

Also Is there any chance to make detail page too responsive. Scrolling is very difficult to do basic things in detail page. Challenge spec can be horizonrally scrollable for small screen.
Re: Upcoming Releases (response to post by fnisen) | Reply
In what parameter does 'my challenges' in dashboard ordered ?
Re: Upcoming Releases (response to post by veshu) | Reply
Hi veshu,

Yes, both of those pages will be updated to be responsive. Unfortunately, they aren't fully responsive today but they will be with the next release of those pages.

Re: Upcoming Releases (response to post by ananthhh) | Reply
It is currently ordering by the submission end date ascending. What would be your preference?
Re: Upcoming Releases (response to post by TonyJ) | Reply

Is there a way to access your past SRM Room info (your codes and the room summary in the new UI). I was unable to traverse to my past SRM Summary page in the new Topcoder website.

Earlier, we could just click on our past SRM and it would redirect us to our Room summary page.
Re: Upcoming Releases (response to post by manav92) | Reply
Hi manav92,
You can see room summary here.
Re: Upcoming Releases (response to post by hmehta) | Reply
But this is so inconvenient. I first need to find my room and only then I would be able to find my solution. Earlier, there was a direct link in the graph (on my profile page). Hope, folks at TopCoder add this in the new UI as well.
Re: Upcoming Releases (response to post by iversonLv) | Reply
I am back:)
I have a suggestion if you still face this problem.
There is a "Preview" button in Review Scoreboard page,before you click "Save" buttons,you can click "Preview" button to check the Preview page.
If Preview page can open fine,you can click "Save".
If Preview page can not be opened,you may also get problem when click on "Save" buttons,you need to wait and check "Preview" page later.
You can also save the Preview page into your local folder,it can be used to compare the current Scoreboard's Preview page which is not save yet,you can find the missing saved comment easily.
If the problem is too often to happen,you may need to use a VPN to help.
Re: Upcoming Releases (response to post by manav92) | Reply
manav92 go to your Dashboard or Profile and the SRM section and look at the past SRM cards. They have a link to the match overview, division results, and room results (we added these about a week ago).
Re: Upcoming Releases (response to post by Urmass) | Reply
Urmass - Reliability under Statistics is now clickable and takes you to the details page.
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