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Upcoming Releases | Reply
Hi everyone,

We're going to start releasing some changes to the site this week and wanted to start this forum so we have a place to talk about it with everyone.

Please follow the blog to get formal announcements as well. Some previews have been posted over the past couple of weeks and we'll be posting more in the coming days:

Feel free to discuss here, ask questions, provide feedback, etc.

Re: Upcoming Releases (response to post by TonyJ) | Reply
Some more info about the upcoming releases that will start this week. This one pertains to the overall navigation on the site.

Please let us know if you have any questions/comments.

Thanks again,
Re: Upcoming Releases (response to post by TonyJ) | Reply
Hi all,

Another update via the blog. This one is about profiles.

Re: Upcoming Releases (response to post by TonyJ) | Reply

I've opened topcoder as usual but I've been redirected to the new theme pages but is not loading properly (everything is misplaced and I found difficulties to open links) and is hard to access old theme... I really want old theme, the new themes are too big and I like to see the overall at a glance like old theme does... also, I think that new theme pages are hard to load and I have bad connection so I need old theme... could you don't redirect users to new site please? Or make users choose? Or something? ¿Or decrease big scrollings and font sizes? ¿And darken colors?
The fact is I have to click a lot of places to find what I want but in the old theme I have the side menu and everything is really easy to find with a couple of clicks and the top direct links, just one click to find what I want... now I have to spend a lot of time looking for things that are hard to load and I never know If I'm missing something...

Re: Upcoming Releases (response to post by f0rc0d3r) | Reply
I'll talk to the team. Try hitting shift refresh and it might fix CSS issues. We'll talk internally and see what we can do.
Re: Upcoming Releases (response to post by f0rc0d3r) | Reply
If the page seems to not be formatting correctly still, please send screenshots to and we'll troubleshoot asap.

Re: Upcoming Releases (response to post by TonyJ) | Reply
Ok, I've sent a couple of screenshots, thanks
Re: Upcoming Releases (response to post by TonyJ) | Reply
My experience with new version so far:
The challenge listing on new theme seems to be much more responsive than before (especially with filters), which is great, but challenge descriptions are missing the navigation header for some reason.

Mobile version still looks dire - dashboard is fine, but menu has issues with selection (I had to tap several times to get anywhere from it) so navigation is hindered. Also I couldn't see any challenge listed on mobile version and description pages still have same layout issues as before.

Overall impression is rather positive though =) It's nice to see the new theme getting improved.
Re: Upcoming Releases (response to post by f0rc0d3r) | Reply
Thank you for the feedback
Re: Upcoming Releases (response to post by N1k1tung) | Reply
Thanks for the feedback, we are planning to do much more frequent releases so we'll get these added to the list.
Re: Upcoming Releases (response to post by TonyJ) | Reply
Below are my feedback on New Look and Feel:

New Profile and Dashboard looks great but need some tweaks

1. It doesn't show wins of First2Finish competitions
2. Skills should not be editable IMO. It should be only based on past competitions and from linked accounts.

1. So much space wasted on top for 'Dashboard' heading. That could be removed or reduce the size of that header
2. SRM contests don't have to be in Dashboard IMHO
Re: Upcoming Releases (response to post by mess) | Reply
Well, I'm gonna explain what is a problem to me:

The challenge type selector is unconsistent: it opens on hover but due to my bad connection with your site sometimes I have to click it to be opened and then happens several things:

1 - If I want to save time I want to select a challenge type quickly so if I click (because waiting this to be opened on hover is slow) and the page is not fully loaded I have to wait and then I start a boucle of opening closing the selector and the selector doing nothing and accepting options that I don't want to choose (is a fight with the challenge type drop down!)... in the end I have to reload the page which is usually a waste of time... (old theme: side menu: click category, see the full available list, click and register....)

Also, It takes some time to know what is available to register (old theme: see the bold ones directly in a very easy to load and read list)

So, how can I open directly a challenge type without having to wait for everything to be loaded?

Also, can this hovering action be deleted? This causes several issues with slow connections...

And the search starts without a trigger so when I want to select more than one option or write also a tag it's a never ending story of adding and deleting options which are taken into account sometimes but other times the page reloads and deletes my selections...

Re: Upcoming Releases (response to post by TonyJ) | Reply
I have to say, nice profile page first :)
But in my funny rating history it seems like I have been competing before I started
Re: Upcoming Releases (response to post by besabestin) | Reply
Looks like besabestin time travelled :D
Re: Upcoming Releases (response to post by ananthhh) | Reply
Thanks ananthhh

1) This is coming ASAP. We found an issue right before go live but will be a top priority.
2) We have had a lot of debate about this one :) Let me tell you what we are thinking here. Next phase to is allow points to be assigned by skills. Skills you assign yourself will have very little point value. Skills based on competitions here and elsewhere through external accounts (former CoderBits) or derived from classes at places like Udacity or ratings at Stackoverflow will have additional weights. We want this to be as objective as possible. We'll be coming to the community to help us determine the weightings.

1) Thanks for the feedback
2) Eventually we'll let users customer their dashboards but for now we have heard from members this is a key data point.
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