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CAB Session #12 | Reply
Our most recent CAB meeting #12 happened on Wednesday, September 30th. This intense meeting was useful to discuss lots of feedback about the upcoming Topcoder website replacement with brand new features. As well as important announcements for TCO and the platform overall, dig in all the info!

CAB staff jwlms, nick.castillo, mess and mnorouzi joined CAB members Ghostar, mahestro, Egor, nickolas and talesforce. Invited staff members from different areas were in the meeting to hear opinions directly from CAB members. We had:
- Jessie: TCO Events
- Adam Morehead [adroc]: Design
- Valerie: Support
- Anuj: Product
- Fillip: Product
- Mike C: Dev, Platform
- Tony: R&D
- Will: Community Education & Recognition
- Greg: Product Marketing

  • Feedback and content discussion of the polished wireframes for on boarding new members.

  • Announcement of email reminders activation for Data Science matches (24 hours reminder).

  • Introduction of "Competitive Programming" as a track.

  • Introduction of Skills and Technologies in Profiles (new Member Dashboard and Profile demo).

  • TCO16 Algorithm Tournament details.

  • New Member Program: Swiftoberfest 2015.


Staff Updates
1. Onboarding new members progress
Wireframes and content for onboarding new members are more polished after the first iteration in the past meeting. Jess took us through the hot topics to help new members how to use Topcoder, what Topcoder is about and quickly lead them to competition.

2. Introducing Competitive Programming
A new concept in the Topcoder slang was introduced, Competitive Programming. This will be a track for the SRMs only. This leads to rethink the Data Science type of challenges. Data Science will include challenges such as Marathon Matches, code challenges and some Idea Generation challenges.

3. Introducing Skills and Technologies in Profiles
Fillip and Anuj performed the live demonstration of the new Member Dashboard and Profile pages. There are interesting new features beyond a new look and feel: Skills and Technologies. This new feature will integrate member profiles with information about skills and technologies. This data could be added manually, although some of them will be automatically pulled from challenges stats and from external sources such as github, dribbble, behance, among others. It was overall something huge which required lot of time for debating some approaches. Staff was flooded of questions and feedback. As of today, we still keep discussing

4. TCO16 Algorithm changes
Jessie introduced some changes to the TCO16 Algorithm competition. Most of these potential changes are still being discussed by the TCO staff team, however something that could be shared was the fact of adding more important to the regional qualification events, with more spots available during these events to increase the local participation.

5. Swiftoberfest is here
Will and Greg, staff in charge of the Topcoder iOS community, promoted the details of the Swiftoberfest program. By now, everyone should have heard of it (check your email!). It's a program that engages the community to learn iOS based technologies through competition, earning badges for the topcoder iOS program at the same time and providing special prizes incentives and cash to leaderboard winners. Check the challenges with "swiftoberfest" tagline in challenges names, these are eligible for the program.