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There where some topics which needed attention

Suggestion to replace Deployment Guide In word document to

Suggestion to upgrade change log requirement so that it will be more meaningful and save time for developer

Re: Suggestions (response to post by ananthhh) | Reply
Thanks. We did talk about replacing the Deployment Guide format during the last CAB meeting briefly, and I'll bring it up again to see if there are any updates. I'll also raise the log requirement in the next meeting, which is next week.
Re: Suggestions (response to post by Ghostar) | Reply
It was 2 months ago. Do you have any response from tc admins? Or they need more time? :)
Re: Suggestions (response to post by Sky_) | Reply
I got the "Ok" from mcards13 to make some changes here. You'll probably be hearing from me in the next couple days looking for some help and feedback :)
Re: Suggestions (response to post by Ghostar) | Reply
These are what we are thinking - feel free to offer feedback on this.

Here's a syntax description and what we'll use as the acceptable standard:
Re: Suggestions (response to post by Ghostar) | Reply
What's the recommended tool to preview readme?

Verification section is hard to maintenance if there are many challenges.
I think we can create 1 common readme (setup, configuration, deployment, starting) and create a verification document for every contest.
Re: Suggestions (response to post by Sky_) | Reply
+1 - this is a good suggestion.

Ghostar - I remember you brought this topic up in an earlier meeting but I am unsure if any next steps were finalised in terms of changing the official standards.
Re: Suggestions (response to post by Sky_) | Reply
1. I'm not sure we need to say a specific tool is recommended - we can let people do this as they see fit. For instance, I use TextMate on my Mac and it does basic display of markdown as it's edited. There's also online tools:


And native apps


Basically, I want to give members freedom to use the tools that work best for them, while still all agreeing on a much better format than .doc.

2. That's a good idea for splitting out the verification document.
Re: Suggestions (response to post by Ghostar) | Reply
1. I always use, but I am not sure what's the best way to preview embedded images.
Reviewers should be able to preview readme in easy way.
for example we can use this
run command
and open browser