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Welcome! | Reply

We're mnorouzi and jwlms and we're members of the Topcoder staff dedicated to the needs and growth of the community. We've created this forum as a place to get to know you better and get some fun discussions flowing!

Here's a little more about us:

mnorouzi: Most of you don't know me well because I am a newish member of the Topcoder team. I joined the team last year to head member advocacy and relations. Although new to Topcoder, I am an Appirio veteran since 2007. I am a technologist and have spent the past 20 years working in the software industry either building or leading software/systems teams. Having been a developer in the past life, I love solving business problems with software and as a matter of fact married a developer so the "shop talk" never stops in my house. It has been a great experience getting to know this great community, your needs/wants/wishes and I look forward to a lot more learning/listening/doing!

jwlms: Some of you may know me from my years as the Director of Topcoder Studio, building and nurturing the design community since 2006. I am now working on the Topcoder Community team, currently focusing on member motivation and engagement -- really getting to know you guys. I'm thrilled to be working with the whole community now! When I'm not working, I'm spending time with my family, gaming or out shooting photos. I think cookies are a breakfast food and my friends think I have an unhealthy love for bugs (the crawling kind, not software bugs!).

Now it's your turn! Introduce yourself and tell us more about why you're here on Topcoder. We're excited to meet you!
Re: Welcome! (response to post by jwlms) | Reply
Hi mnorouzi and jwlms, I am happy to hear the forums are getting reorganized. I was wondering if there are any news about tco15. I am not sure if this thread is the best one to talk about tco but I asked a question 2 weeks ago in the appropriate tco forum here and haven't got an answer so far. I also emailed support on the same topic and haven't got an answer from them neither.
Re: Welcome! (response to post by MonicaMuranyi) | Reply
Hi MonicaMuranyi - your post to the TCO forum was right. Let me follow-up on the status of period 3 leaderboards and get back to you.
Re: Welcome! (response to post by mnorouzi) | Reply

I am new to topcoder and I am participating in the Lightspeed Admin / Notes / Edits Bug hunt. I can see that there is a link provided in the page to log issues but clicking on the link returns a 404 error. Since, I am new here, I do not really know how to go around contacting people and asking for help. Please can you help me with this or let me know how I should go about helping myself.
Re: Welcome! (response to post by moijes12) | Reply
Hi moijes12, welcome!

I'm sorry your having issues in your first experience. You should go to the challenge forum and post a thread about the issue (maybe someone else already did it and there is a reply about how to solve this). The copilot should see it and help you with it. And just in case you wouldn't get a reply you can always email to report any issue.

Hope that helps.
Re: Welcome! (response to post by jwlms) | Reply
hiii,,,,i want to know from the beginning so what should i do for it ??????///
and what are the ways to start with????
Re: Welcome! (response to post by dev-14) | Reply
Welcome to Topcoder <handle>dev-14</handle>!

The best place for you to start is our Getting Started Guide. In that guide you'll learn about all the various ways you can learn, network, or earn on Topcoder.

Good Luck!
Re: Welcome! (response to post by jwlms) | Reply

how do I create a new thread?

I am new to the topcoder, i know the concepts of data structures, algorithms, sorting., etc., but I find difficult to solve the problems mentioned in this community. May be i need more practice :D

is there any practice problems for beginers like me

if so, can someone pls share.

thank you so much
Re: Welcome! (response to post by hurry123) | Reply
Hi hurry123,
Welcome to Topcoder!
To post a new thread you will find a button on the top"Post New Thread" on the top right in the forums.
Also to learn more on Algorithms side you may refer to Algorithms Tutorials , to practice problems you may go to practice room in the Web Arena

Feel free to ask here in case of any queries!
Happy Coding!