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hungarian algorithm multidimensional input | Reply
Hi people,
I a question about the hungarian algorithm. this algorithm is optimal algorithm for the assignment problem, and the time complexity is O(n^3), right?
But , if the input is the multidimensional matrix, it's possible to use the hungarian algorithm? how does it change the algorithm and the time complexity ?
Re: hungarian algorithm multidimensional input (response to post by Aknort) | Reply
A 2D matrix is used to represent edge weights of a bipartite graph. Which graph do you want to represent with a N-D matrix?
Re: hungarian algorithm multidimensional input (response to post by dimkadimon) | Reply
Thank you for your response. My problem is :
I have a macro LTE network in which there are N femtocells, I have to create the best tuples using a combinatorial optimization algorithm, and I wanted to use the Hungarian, as in the 2D case (one macro and one femto) works wonders.
I wanted to know if the hungarian works well in cases ND and how. thanks (sorry for English)