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Login problems | Reply
I don't know if it's just me but I hate the fact that if you kill your applet or your browser crashes you can't log back in because the system still thinks you are logged in. I lost a lot of time on beta test 2 on this. It makes you not even want to bother participating. Please topcoder fix this.
Re: Login problems (response to post by urza) | Reply
first off, on behalf of topcoder, i would like to apologize for the login and moving problems that beta test 2 participants were having. clearly, it was a problem that we did not anticipate, and to be honest, i am still very confused at why it happened in the first place. it will definitely be our top priority to try to recreate this issue in our production environment, since i agree that such an issue is unacceptable.
Re: Login problems (response to post by ads09) | Reply
have you made any progess on this error? I just registered and I have the same problem.