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Interesting jobs for TopCoders | Reply

I'm trying to visualize somehow preferable places to live and work for algorithm/data science developers. I grabbed job data from craigslist (US-only) and careers-stackoverflow, and very roughly assessed jobs by number of occurrences of some patterns in job title + body. Patterns are:

machine learning, ML
artificial intelligence, AI
predictive ana*
data scien*

And here is the result:

In future versions I'm planning to fix geo mapping problems, add data from etc, but most interesting here is to fix the math behind the weight assignment, probability estimation etc. First of all, could anyone please suggest some other easy to find patterns like words or phrases which may indicate something nontrivial and interesting around software development? In the future it may be something more nonlinear and sophisticated, but it mostly depends on amount of free that can be spend on it.
Re: Interesting jobs for TopCoders (response to post by NKolotey) | Reply
Hello all. I know this is one of the excellent coding forums, but just wanted to ask, if there is any scope for the writers (content & technical) in this field?