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Test case 6? | Reply
Hello guys,

This is a really good article to practise on. I coded my own solution for FairWorkload based on the code on the article.

I got all working except the test 6. With cabinets folders { 950, 650, 250, 250, 350, 100, 650, 150, 150, 700 } with 6 workers required, it should return 950 max work load, as per the problem statement.

However i am getting a result of 900.

I will add the code in github and add the link later here, I am just worried if anyone else had any issue with test case 6?

Many thanks
Re: Test case 6? (response to post by marcandreuf) | Reply

This is the link to my code

and this is the link to the test cases

Any help will be really appreciated, many thanks !