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Guide to programming contests with training advice | Reply
Hi all,
over the last year I have been writing a Guide to Programming Contests, which is supposed to contain most of the information needed by a successful competition programmer. A possible subtitle could be "Everything you need to know to become a better competition programmer (except algorithms)", because I will not write about algorithms. I decided to present it to you, even though it's not finished.

Here is a link to the main page.

So far, I wrote most material in the section How to get better?, where you can find a full training program for improving your programming skills.

There is a lot of content missing, but I decided to already show it to you to get some feedback. I'll post updates in this thread when I write a new section or chapter.

Please tell me what you think is missing and what you don't like! However, my goal is not to write about algorithms, there are already plenty of books and courses that do this.