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The Age of Specialization | Reply
The work of the future will be atomized, with many workers doing pieces of what is today a single job. Here’s what that means for your company-and you.


Watch the video.
Re: The Age of Specialization (response to post by jmpld40) | Reply
While I agree with most of this article "The Age of Specialization" (I wrote a related post some time ago) I think the main cause of this trend is related with the exponential information growth. Thirty years ago the user interface, the program logic and the database were all the same thing, software. Today these fields have grown so much that they are three completely different areas. So yes you can say people is getting more specialized now but you can also say they are using their full potential because these new "specialized" jobs are as vast and complex as the old "general" jobs.

In my opinion it is a mistake to think that specialization will work well with tasks that are monotonous and don't have the potential to grow in complexity like many examples of the industrial revolution jobs. The good news is that today even tasks that seem simple, like making a chart, are becoming in a hole industry by itself, like infographics and data visualization, because of how fast information and knowledge is growing.