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To find the index of the lowest bit | Reply
"Extracting every last bit
In this section I'll consider the problems of finding the highest and lowest 1 bit in a number. These are basic operations for splitting a set into its elements.

Finding the lowest set bit turns out to be surprisingly easy, with the right combination of bitwise and arithmetic operators. Suppose we wish to find the lowest set bit of x (which is known to be non-zero). If we subtract 1 from x then this bit is cleared, but all the other one bits in x remain set. Thus, x & ~(x - 1) consists of only the lowest set bit of x. However, this only tells us the bit value, not the index of the bit."

If we take the lg of that value will we get the index?
Re: To find the index of the lowest bit (response to post by nishantmc) | Reply
The article is about efficient operations. In this case, converting a value to a double, calling a library routine and converting the result back to int is definitely less efficient.