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Getting the feedback from the interviewer | Reply
After hearing that I did not get the job, I asked the recuiter about the feedback from the interviewer in order to know what are my weakness for this job. But The recuiter told me that she only knew the results. I also found some similar cases on the internet. So, is it common that the company do not share their feedback to the candidates? If it's ture, are there any reasons? I guess maybe they just want the candidates to find & resolve their weakness by themselves.
Re: Getting the feedback from the interviewer (response to post by LostHunter) | Reply
You are not weak.

You are simply different from others candidates - thus, based on some judging criteria - company (or to be correct - person who is in charge) has decided to hire others candidates.

There can be many different and conflicting requirements.
Example - company decided to hire employee with little expirience in order to train him and make loyal to company (i.e. working for a long time) and salary low compared to others,

or reverse: company decided to hire experienced person in order to replace other veteran, one who can train others employees, but at higher cost compared to regular employees.

And many others criteria.
Like a person who can work on his own (independently, make own decisions without any guidance)
or person who will follow all orders from management (sometimes routine and boring) and do them exactly as ordered without any complains or suggestions.

Or person who is willing to be promoted over time (based on his past career path) or person who is OK to work at his position for long time without requests for promotion. Company has to balance counts of those to make everybody happy.

and so on and so on...