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Cookbook manuscript | Reply
Hello all,

Here is something to make you feel more optimistic about this project - Cookbook manuscript! Well, not the whole thing yet, only two chapters, but I will update the list of chapters as soon as they are assembled.

Chapter 1. Getting Started (Algorithm) (misses "Understanding Your Rating" recipe yet)
Chapter 10. Getting Started (Marathon)

You can comment the things here or contact me directly. Note that this is basically the last chance to add something useful or fix some mistakes (except for spelling and grammar; these will be done by O'Reilly).

Another thing of interest is the list of contributions - I will update it as the recipes are added to the manuscript and finalized (I work through the history of each recipe to figure out the exact list of its contributors). The points are not assigned yet, only text descriptions and links to contributions; we might modify the points system to favor more complicated and more useful recipes, but this will be done only after everything is finalized. T-shirts (yes, these still hold) will be awarded after the manuscript completion as well.

(Let me know if something is wrong with the links)