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How to get a job? | Reply
So graduation completed. But I didn't do a good one (distance education.. which employers wont trust). I have many backs in my graduation. My fellow classmates just carry cheating micro xerox of the books to exam hall which I didn't. I felt its better to fail than cheat. In the 6th sem we had total of around 10 hours of classes in 6 months...loooool. Still I got into Indian oil IT department as trainee. But I wasn't given cool work. Data entry, carrying pc, printing, scanning etc. So even though I was sometimes allowed to tweak the mail server I quit cause I felt I was a slave(one manager bust on me cause I made a program which another manager told me to etc. etc.) and not a worker there. Next job I was offered was of IT instructor at physical education college. I would have had to teach how to hold mouse etc. Based on previous experience I didn't want to do it. So now I am considering masters degree. However if i get a cool coding job I would do. But its tough to get, it seems. Companies wont come to our study center.. they fear it haha :D. Most jobs that come are of BPO and sales and marketing :( Very difficult life :) I wish I was in a better college.
Re: How to get a job? (response to post by chandubaba) | Reply
aaah sry.. i just wanted to take off stress by sharing feelings.
I must not loose hope. And the 5ive song goes

"Get on up. When your down.
Baby take a good look around
I know its not much but its ok
Keep on moving on anyway " ;)
Re: How to get a job? (response to post by chandubaba) | Reply
My word, I never heard 5ive lyrics posted as motivational material before.
Re: How to get a job? (response to post by chandubaba) | Reply
Why don't you try at Topcoder?
Re: How to get a job? (response to post by nikolay83) | Reply
Hi nikolay83!!!... eeeh i aint good enough for tc, but hopefully someday I will be good enough!! But thank you soo much for thinking that I am good. I like you :)

BTW..I have changed a lot in this month. I am following zen philosophy of life. It says
1) Never think about past or future.. always be in present and do the most important task now.
2) Dont hurry let the natural pace flow.
3) It is better not to have any goals, expectations, dreams etc. // I am trying to find a balance on this one.

I added few more points like
4) Life is like a game of cricket I used to play with my friends as a kid. The results dont matter, all that matters is to have fun.
5) Dont compete with peers but enjoy with them the learnign process thoroughly
6) Forgive your enemies.
And all these points have got hardwired in my mind (so much that i had fun rather than stress appearing for my masters degree entrance exams) and thus I am now very happy but not very productive w.r.t to work.

So I decided to think positively about future but only for 5 minutes per day.

As soon as i shut the thinking for future and past and started living in present I dont feel there is any stress cause any one can take stress for sometime but not the fear of stress (the stress which lasts forever).

Many things happening.. I started a coding club called passiO(n)ateCoderz with prudhvi.krish and I am uploading novice problems to So we will have contests!! And it seems codechef also will accept us..
I got selected in 2 masters degree and now awaiting the best college result (fingers crossed X)

But I got a dream to start a research centre (and do some cool research) of my own after many years at least before I die.. something cool like bell labs or spoj labs.. I know i have less skills.. no money but i hope everything goes fine.
Re: How to get a job? (response to post by chandubaba) | Reply
You said 3) It is better not to have any goals, expectations, dreams etc. and
Then you said But I got a dream to start a research centre (and do some cool research) of my own after many years at least before I die
Re: How to get a job? (response to post by mohamede1945) | Reply
yes.... i am trying to find a balance in that point.. cause if have no dreams then i have to be like einstein (very tough i tried). Einstein didnt do physics or maths for any benifit(money/nobel prize etc) .. he did it for sheer fun..

In fact I figured out that the best way to test if I (or any other person) REALLY like something is to imagine that I get nothing off what i do .. then will I stil do it? Example I listen to music for fun. i dont get anything off it..

So i tried many things... like making a pc from scratch.. making linux kernel from scratch and didnt make any progress. So I realized initially when things are hard it is necessary for dreams to drive us.. But later when we got skills that are killah.. then we get into a state called flow (a theory by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi) where we work like einstein.

So initially I tried that point 3 and guess what i found out that I dont like anything!!!!

So now I have adapted dreams in mind but modified .. where i keep saying "doesnt matter if they wont come true .. just the fun and thrill to chase them is enough."
Re: How to get a job? (response to post by chandubaba) | Reply
If you really want to get a job ! do this first

Go to: Facebook Account-> account settings-> De-activate your Account and Start Working...!!

Prepare for your placements !
All the best !!
Re: How to get a job? (response to post by [facebook]) | Reply
what a coincidence dear [facebook]!! During noon I downsized my facebook friends list from 384 to 86. Those 86 are topcoders. I also removed things I liked. Trying to remove as many distractions as possible :)
Re: How to get a job? (response to post by chandubaba) | Reply
I think that the distractor when I don't achieve something is not other people but me.
This world is full of distractions. We must be able to find the right amount of time to work. But we have also to do other things.
It's not all about working and programming.
Re: How to get a job? (response to post by chandubaba) | Reply
Your story, efforts and words themselves are inspiring. I like the bit where you mentioned Zen philosophy and its teachings and how you are trying to follow its principles. But more than that I like how you are an individual thinker and the way you add your own points and thoughts are something really commendable. I do hope you would get into a good position in your dream working sphere and make a good career ahead. Now, coming to the distraction part, do you really think taking down the numbers of FB acquaintances or shutting off the doors of social media/networking platform takes away the distraction? Don't you think sometimes it even takes away the chance of being aware of what's happening around us? Like, some days back I had to play as part of my assignments and on my own I started playing some other mobile based games on FB , which actually helped me a lot to understand the mobile gaming world a bit better. If I was to shut my FB account things may not have been extremely difficult but it wouldn't have been easier, as well. So, like you I am also trying to achieve a balance. In fact, I think, balance is the keyword for everything we do and feel.
Re: How to get a job? (response to post by robertwilliams) | Reply
Bro I reactivated my account and readded my friends, but I don't chat much. I prefer face to face interaction.

I don't need a job now, cause I am doing my startup. I have been offered many jobs by now!

Bro something strange has started to happen to me! I am able to vibrate my mind into higher form of consciousness. Let me copy paste the text from my post in quora ( here... WARNING ADULT material, please forgive me if its too gross

Sexual transmutation, in other words you can convert that vast huge sexual energy into other forms of energy like creativity or tough inventions/patents etc. You can try getting into Harvard/MIT/IIT you can try your own billion dollar space tourism company, you name it trust me the energy potential is huge in this. You don't know to spend it so its getting out in negative forms which you know is not right.

Swami Vivekanda and Tesla used this energy only, they practiced celebacy ( however I am not suggesting it, though you can get involved in sexual activity after some huge success only). You have to do four things

1) Stop porn and consumption of modern media. Modern media represent works of negative energy worshipers. Why do you think there is so much sex, violence and negativity in modern media. Listen to folk songs, and zen buddhism or any other media which takes you to other forms of consciousness that are more healthy or higher than your current consciousness.

2) Have an unimaginable goal in mind, example discovering worm wholes travelling back and forth through them. Building AI that are far more intelligent that intelligence imaginable. And think of doing it quickly (example in few years) cause the energy is huge. May be too hard examples, but these are examples only.[For me I am trying to be a great programmer and build great industries].

3) A special meditation which is mix of what Lord Shiva and ancient Egyptians did has to be done by you. Let me explain. Your sexual energy is located in root chakra near your groins. You have to move it up but don't let it go out as it reach the crown chakra which is above your head. You have to bring is back like a loop in your chakra system. How to do it?
a) Shut eyes
b) breathe in and as you do imagine breathe moving from above your head down your spine through it to the root chakra above the buttocks
c) breathe out and as you do imagine the breathe moving from the root chakra back to the crown chakra through your spine.
d) Go to step b)
As you do, you will doze off and you will receive wisdom from the universe.

4) When you masturbate you do the step 3b) and you will notice you won't ejaculate or in other words the sperms won't come out. But doesn't mean you won't feel good when you do it. You can masturbate all day and you won't feel tired.

I give example of what happens in step 3) from another of my post here Tapping into the superconscious by Chandan Boruah on Creative Imagination

I started doing kundalini meditation. Whenever I do it, I get great insights. I get intosome dreamy state where I learn lot of new things, like I get some source of knowledge inside my mind. Therefore before I do the meditation I ask a question a doubt and its solved!

I was really confused as to what I should do, study , job or business because everyone saying do this do that, after entering that state I heard a voice in that higher consciousness state.
"You are good enough to run an organization now, no need to experience job"

In evening again I heard
"Everything is going to be the way you want it to be, your thoughts are the key to manifestations in reality".
I continued meditating to get more insights
I always thought girls are nasty cause they expect money from their husbands. I heard a voice..
"Every girl wants her husband to be a great person, its their personal dream"
wow, that is quite some perspective, I couldn't have thought it without that consciousness.

So naturally, I next asked in the morning when should I marry then?
"Marry after all your dreams have come true."

This is great, I decide to do topcoder using this technique
I opened a div 1 1000 latest one, read it and asked how to solve it and went into that state and I heard a voice
"The technically rich countries will become richer technically cause talented technicians are staged by them"
I don't know what it means... sounds controversial though, but it is not my thought, its my super conscious. Sorry, its really not my thought. Trust me.

Business ideas customized and that works for you, solutions to tough algorithm problems, wisdom, that is what kind of things you receive.

I am not the only one, in the book Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill he mentions

When asked why he did this, he replied, "œWith my eyes closed, I am able to draw
upon a source of superior intelligence."
The late Dr. Elmer R. Gates, of Chevy Chase, Maryland, created more than 200
useful patents, many of them basic, through the process of cultivating and using
the creative faculty. His method is both significant and interesting to one inter-
ested in attaining to the status of genius, in which category Dr. Gates, unques-
tionably belonged. Dr. Gates was one of the really great, though less publicized
scientists of the world.
In his laboratory, he had what he called his "œpersonal communication room." It
was practically sound proof, and so arranged that all light could be shut out. It
was equipped with a small table, on which he kept a pad of writing paper. In front
of the table, on the wall, was an electric pushbutton, which controlled the lights.
When Dr. Gates desired to draw upon the forces available to him through his
Creative Imagination, he would go into this room, seat himself at the table, shut
off the lights, and CONCENTRATE upon the KNOWN factors of the invention on
which he was working, remaining in that position until ideas began to "flash" into
his mind in connection with the UNKNOWN factors of the invention.
On one occasion, ideas came through so fast that he was forced to write for almost
three hours. When the thoughts stopped flowing, and he examined his notes, he
found they contained a minute description of principles which bad not a parallel
among the known data of the scientific world.
Moreover, the answer to his problem was intelligently presented in those notes.
In this manner Dr. Gates completed over 200 patents, which had been begun, but
not completed, by "half-baked" brains. Evidence of the truth of this statement is
in the United States Patent Office.
Dr. Gates earned his living by "œsitting for ideas" for individuals and corporations.
Some of the largest corporations in America paid him substantial fees, by the
hour, for "sitting for ideas."

Think why many people become successful and some not, its because some have learned to convert this energy and receive intelligence from the universe/the supernatural power/God/Guide or whatever you want to call the energy.

Post ends;;;
Bro, I got two business ideas that really really work for me, and I found solutions to div 1 250 this method. I didn't think it a soothing voice and dream showed me the solution.

I have been making music for around 5 years in my early 20s and the voice told me to build something like protools, audio software for studios. So doing it. I also asked if I should build which is like hackerrank and the voice I literally heard one in my head not ears... it said "build a question bank".

Its my 15th year in meditation. This is just amazing.
Re: How to get a job? (response to post by chandubaba) | Reply
Wow well this thread took a turn for the interesting.