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Current cookbook forum structure | Reply
I thought that algorithm recipes now reside either in "Algo ...: new recipes" or in "Algo ...: rewriting phase" forums. But today I noticed that there is another forum "Algorithm competitions" which also contains some recipes. What is the difference/purpose of these forums?

Also I put the references to other recipes as html links to forum posts. Is it a safe way? Or I'd better add recipe name to them?

And the last question: how the forum posts are connected to the final book? Some people would bother to refactor all the posts? With topcoder-specific tags...
Re: Current cookbook forum structure (response to post by syg96) | Reply
"Algorithm Competitions" (same for Marathon) contains recipes posted during first phase of recipes writing, and are now locked.

Links are fine either way - in the end they will probably be just names of recipes (it's a book, after all).

Sure the posts will be refactored - and markup is the smallest of reasons to do this. Fixing language and adding images will be main reasons of refactoring.