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SnapDragon "doit()" ? | Reply
First of all , Congratulations to fushar,gevak,live_world & vcsenge.

gevak :
"SnapDragon is awesome, I’ve learned his “doit()” and instantly became red. His code is an art"

What exactly is "doit()" ?
Re: SnapDragon "doit()" ? (response to post by Amith) | Reply
It's his standart name for a recursive method which solves dynamic programming problems (which are very popular).
Re: SnapDragon "doit()" ? (response to post by gevak) | Reply
Oh wow I've been using doIt() for years now! Hmm... it hasn't helped my rating though
Re: SnapDragon "doit()" ? (response to post by dimkadimon) | Reply
I guess you are doingit() wrong.