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Re: Congratulations! (response to post by jwlms) | Reply
Thanks ladies, you're both such special women!
Re: Congratulations! (response to post by jmpld40) | Reply
I have answered your questions over in the Studio thread, Luis. Thanks!
Re: Congratulations! (response to post by mahestro) | Reply
We have adjusted this and you will receive the information in your onsite rules and agenda packet.

I'll also ask jwlms to answer here:
Re: Congratulations! (response to post by jmpld40) | Reply
Great news! I have a doubt about Studio rules. According to them we have:

- Each Semifinal Round will be a single round with up to seven (7) Onsite Studio Competitors. Up to four (4) of the highest placing Onsite Studio Competitors during each Semifinal Round will advance to the Championship Round.

Since only 10 could make it to onsite, how are these parameters going to be... 8 finalists for the championship round or less?

Thanks in advance
Congratulations! | Reply
TopCoder is proud to announce the Design and Development Champions of the 2010 TopCoder Open!

Congratulations to the Design Champion, argolite, from Canada!

Read more about the competition here.

Congratulations to the Development Champion, Yeung, from China! Yeung also qualified as a Mod Dash finalist as well!

Read more about the competition here.

Congratulations also goes to the Semifinalists and Finalists for the Algorithm Competition, Marathon Competition, Mod Dash Competition, and Studio Design Competition!

A special congratulations goes out to ACRush and wata for being finalists in the Algorithm Competition as well as the Marathon Competition!

View them here:
Algorithm Semifinalists
Marathon Finalists
Mod Dash Finalists
Studio Design Semifinalists

Read more here.

These past few months have been pure madness with so many competitions and so many TCO10 points. Congratulations to each and every participant for taking part in this premier event!

We would also like to thank our bloggers, Nickolas, Ghostar, and connect4 for dedicating their time to keep you all up to date on the latest happenings with TCO10. If you haven't checked out the TCO10 blog, view it here.

The TCO10 finals are a month away. Be sure to be available to check out all the happenings as we post them on TCO10 website. Four more TopCoder Champions to come...!